Tampa The Dog and Me

Say Hello to Tampa The Dog – and get ready to embrace the beautiful life story of the lost puppy whose love proved strong enough to touch the lives of everyone he met.

His book is now available online! Tampa’s Story: How I was lucky enough to be adopted by The World’s Most Perfect Dog.

Courage, compassion and forgiveness came from this abandoned puppy, who was left on the side of the road to fend for himself. He somehow found his way to me. And I soon learned that Tampa the dog came here to make a difference.

From the moment we connected, I knew what a lucky girl I was. It’s that wonderful thing called grace. I was blessed with something very special that happens only once in a lifetime.

The beauty of his life is that Tampa did not care about perfection. He just cared. We could all learn from that. It isn’t that he never did anything wrong. There is no such being. It’s just that he found the most important times in life to do everything right.


Tampa the dog was just a baby when we first met. I lived on a long stretch of road in a rural area, and it was not uncommon to see stray dogs wandering around. But Tampa didn’t wander. He landed right on my back porch for a reason.

I took him in, fed and cared for him, while I searched for a possible owner. Someone must have been desperately looking for this puppy. Dogs had been a part of my life since I was a very young child. And they were all memorable in their own way. Yet, there was definitely something very special and different about Tampa the dog.

This pup had the most intelligent eyes I had ever seen. He showed me courage and kindness at the age of three months old. Let’s face it, most dogs his age would be chewing up shoes, rolling in the dirt, playing with squeaky toys and snoozing on your lap. Tampa had more important things in mind.

Tampa’s Story

Tampa's Story by Christie Fletcher

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Tampa the dog was here for a higher purpose. I felt it immediately. So when no one showed up to claim him, he adopted me as his Mama. I sincerely felt “chosen” as we began our adventure together.

In the early years, it wasn’t completely clear where we were heading. But, the more I paid attention to this beautiful four legged creature, the more he led me towards some very significant changes in both of our lives.

Change is difficult. There were some big challenges, and sometimes it was scary. But we pressed on together. Tampa the dog became the touchstone that taught me courage I never believed I was capable of achieving.

His love was powerful. He got me through the very tragic death of another one of my precious young dogs in the family. We rode out hurricanes together. He guided me to career changes for us. And yes, not just me, it was “us”. It was Tampa the dog and me.


Tampa The Dog gives love to a child

Our journey took us through the fascinating world of Search and Rescue, where we discovered the very deep and most intense part of the human-animal bond. We reached people through Pet Therapy and worked as partners with troubled shelter dogs to help them find forever, loving homes.

We were on a mission to make a difference. And Tampa was always the one guiding me. When he entered a room, it changed. People’s faces lit up when they looked into his eyes.

I hope, as you are reading this, you were one of the fortunate ones who met him. You will know exactly what I am talking about.


Tampa the dog’s life story ready for you to order on amazon.com. It’s all for the best four legged angel that ever came into my life. Soon, you can let him come into yours.

I was the lucky girl who was chosen to take in Tampa’s love, and then share it with so many others. So, I am keeping his spirit alive in his own book.

I look forward to you holding it in your hands, and taking a part of him along with you through life. He would love that.

And because Tampa the dog was all about spreading love around, most of the proceeds from his book will be going to animal shelters and rescues in need of help.


Tampa The Dog Making An Impact on othersMany lives across the country have already been touched by Tampa The Dog – receiving funds for animals in need, and bringing joy to people who are welcoming loving pets into their homes.

This is only the beginning. Tampa the Dog will continue to pay it forward as we raise more money to help those in need.