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How Tampa The Dog Is Helping Others

Tampa The Dog Making A Difference

Tampa The Dog Making An Impact on othersTampa the Dog made friends wherever he went. And I am talking about humans and canines alike.

Even though he was only three months old when he landed on my back porch as a lost puppy – I have no doubt he came to me for a purpose. I was in my late thirties, and yet – he was the one who truly “raised” me.

I found my mission in life because of Tampa the Dog. And the main part of that mission was to rescue animals, and help rescue people by giving them the love of a pet in need.

Keeping Tampa’s Spirit Alive

So, as he spread his angel wings when it was time for him to cross over to Rainbow Bridge, I made a commitment to keep his spirit alive by telling his story, and paying it forward to shelters, rescues, and animal transports in need of help.

Tampa the Dog has already helped raise much needed funds for a number of animal organizations across the country – and we are only just beginning!

Hurricanes and other disasters have caused so much damage, and created overcrowded shelters in desperate need.

Get to know Tampa The Dog through his book – and know that we are paying it forward to help animals all over the country.

And, check in on us from time to time, because our mission here is just getting started.

Areas Where “Tampa The Dog” Is Making An Impact

The below map shows the states where Tampa the Dog and his story have made a difference.

Tampa The Dog helping animals in need
Cities and States where ‘Tampa The Dog’ is helping others and making a difference.


Shelters and organizations where Tampa the Dog and I have worked and connected with since we moved up here.


Where Tampa the Dog and I found each other, and worked with many shelters. One in particular desperately needs help after Hurricane Irma.


Tampa the Dog and I chose to give to a transport organization here. This is my home state, and these people are moving animals from overcrowded shelters, to others that have space for them. They do this on a volunteer basis only.


Where people became so inspired by Tampa’s Story, they donated a large amount of money to shelters in need in that area to help the animals.

North Carolina

For a shelter run by volunteers that takes in dogs whose owners have passed away, have medical problems that owners cannot afford to take care of – and many other reasons. Dogs are kept there and loved until they find permanent homes.

South Carolina

Supporting shelters taking in animals from damaged shelters, and those who were lost during Hurricane Florence.


Where Tampa the Dog and I chose a sanctuary that cares for senior dogs – working hard to see that these animals live out their final years in comforting foster homes.


For shelters that have taken in hundreds of animals that were victims of Hurricanes Florence, Michael, and Irma.


For an Animal Disaster Group that is rescuing all kinds of animals due to the recent wildfires in California.

New York

A non-profit no-kill shelter that takes in abandoned animals and houses them with vet care in a safe haven until they can find a forever home.


Donated funds to help re-build an animal rescue that was hit hard by one of the devastating tornadoes in that area.


Funds donated to a shelter run by volunteers only that was struggling due to very harsh winter weather. They rescue homeless dogs, give them much needed medical care, and place them in fosters and/or permanent homes so they can live out their lives with a loving family.


Donated funds to a shelter that is responding to help animals in need due to recent flooding in the area. They provide immediate assistance in natural disasters including rescue, sheltering, veterinary services and victim support services.


Donated funds to a rescue that is completely volunteer staffed. They do not have a facility to keep dogs, so they work hard every day to find loving foster homes – until each pup can find their forever home.


Donated funds to a No-kill shelter/rescue in Central Texas. They travel all over the state to take in cats and dogs who are set to be euthanized simply because of overcrowding. They also provide low cost veterinary care to help pet owners keep their fur babies healthy and happy in their homes.


Funds from Tampa’s Story donated to a shelter which has dedicated its efforts to providing refuge to stray, injured, and forgotten animals. They also work diligently to promote humane education – and they never turn away an animal in need.

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