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Dog Training in Lancaster, PA

With Christie – The Certified Canine Coach

Are you looking for dog training from a Certified Canine Coach in Lancaster, PA? Look no further! I am here to help you begin that very important journey with your canine family member.

My name is Christie Fletcher, and I began my personal journey with dog training back in 2005.

Dog Training - Christie Certified Canine CoachI dreamed of working with and training dogs as a little girl, and finally found my opportunity when I was hired as an assistant K-9 boot camp trainer while living in Sarasota, FL. That is where I learned the basics.

Then I moved on to the much more advanced training in search and rescue. My dog, Tampa, and I were certified in that training specialty in 2008.

I work now, in and around Lancaster, PA, with all types of dogs. I do have a very strong history training shelter dogs. My mission is to keep dogs in their homes and out of overcrowded shelters. So before you even consider giving up on your pet, please reach out to me.

Most all issues can be worked out with solid dog training from someone who has the experience and drive to see it through. Below are just some of my areas of expertise – which led me to becoming a Certified Canine Coach.

Canine Behavior Specialist

As a canine behavior specialist, I will read your dog’s body language, and determine why he is behaving in a negative way with your family, or simply doing things that you do not understand.

As I mentioned above, I became a certified dog trainer through a search and rescue program. That is all about understanding what your dog is trying to tell you! They are constantly trying to communicate with their people.

We just must learn to watch them and listen to them. I will visit your residence to work with your dog personally. Very few certified dog trainers offer that.

Leash walking your dog

Leash walking training is one of the most challenging exercises. Walking with your dog on-leash can be one of the most bonding experiences you have with your canine friend. But it does not feel good to you if they are constantly pulling. You could also get hurt.

I can show you some easy training steps to stop that behavior, so you can experience the true human-animal bond when you go for a nice walk together.

Beginning and Advanced Obedience Training

There is more to obedience training than “sit, down, and stay.” Those commands are important. However, different dogs need different things. That means they may need more advanced obedience training.

Jumping problems can seem overwhelming. Excessive barking can be upsetting.

I take enough time during training to get to know you and your dog. During that time, I can pick up on obedience issues that may seem a bit puzzling.

Give your dog a job!

Christie dog training RajaDepending on the nature, background, and breed of your canine – at some point you may like to introduce him to something to burn up excess energy and build his confidence.

This could be something as simple as ball play, or something more advanced. I have a number of clients who visit my home to train on my agility course. We worked our search and rescue dogs this way.

It is good exercise for all, and it does give dogs a sense of accomplishment and confidence. It is also a lot of fun if you and your canine both like it!

Canine Socialization

This is quite often a very big challenge, and it was one of the things we focused very hard on in search and rescue training.

An aggressive or seemingly unstable dog cannot become certified. Canine socialization is not about putting a few dogs together out in a yard, and hoping they get along. Please don’t do that if they have not met. It doesn’t work that way.

This is where my training and willingness to work with you at your residence becomes even more important.

Growling, snapping at family or other dogs, fear behavior, and many other things are signs of poor socialization. Most of the time it is not the dog’s fault. But he is expressing himself in a negative way when meeting new people or new dogs, right?

We can figure out the triggers together. It is very important to never push a dog in this area until you have a certified dog trainer working with you. Just like with all of the aspects of a training program, we must be patient and listen to our dogs.

Muzzle Training

This does not need to be a negative thing. It is not cruel, and when done properly, can create a better quality of life for you and your dog.

Muzzle training should always be introduced gently and with the supervision and direction of a very credible dog trainer.

I helped save the life and find a home for a shelter dog named Justice when I was in Florida.

Someone wanted to adopt him, but he had to be neutered before he was legally allowed to be released into a new home. Justice was terrified of the vet. And that fear brought out some aggression.

We needed to be sure he did not accidentally nip at anyone. So I worked with a small team of volunteers to gently introduce him to a muzzle.

Justice took to it pretty quickly. His procedure was done without incident, and he went to his new loving home. I stayed in touch with his owners over the years – and I can say that was a very happy family which was created by care and proper dog training.

Additional Areas of Certified Training

  • Pet First Aid – through the American Red Cross
  • Lead Checking
  • Intro on negative areas and recognition of negatives
  • Footstep Tracking
  • Area Search with the air scenting canine

Dog training pricing

This will vary depending on the age of your dog or dogs – and travel time to your home.

I always offer a free phone consult prior to training, and I follow up training sessions with an email to remind you of the specific methods we used with your pet.

I am not currently offering classes, but that may come in the future.

I want to thank you for visiting my website. I also want to add – please do not delay dog training if you are having some issues. Those issues are not likely to go away on their own. They are more likely to grow into more serious behavior problems.

There are not many, if any, dog trainers in the Lancaster, PA area who deal with serious behavior issues – working with dogs at their own homes.

That is my specialty area of dog training. And I do hope you will call on me before you make any major decisions about your canine family member. We can work through this together. I look forward to hearing from you!

Contact Information:

Phone: 941-223-0578
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Christie – The Canine Coach (Dog Trainer – Lancaster, PA)